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“I love that these shots by Ulla Nyeman are strikingly dark and somber. Such a bold contrast to the subject matter.”

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Silber Studios » The “Key” to a Photograph from Ansel Adams–Rare, Unreleased Footage.

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“Ansel Adams used the term ‘visualization’ often–but what exactly does it mean? How does it fit into your work flow as a photographer?”

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Flickrista – Fashion Photography


“Our goal is to give exposure to Flickr’s best fashion photographers and inspire our visitors. If you like a photo, please click it and leave a comment on the photographer’s Flickr page.”

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Ricordi Fugaci

It's the time of the year again when Como is getting ready for the Notte Bianca. It’s the third time we (my wife and I) participate in this event. I have prepared a little microsite for this year's photographic exhibition called “Ricordi Fugaci”.

The Notte Bianca 2007 in Como will take place on the June 16th. This time we got a very nice venue, the “Chiostrino di Santa Eufemia” in Piazzolo Giuseppe Terragni, 4. For some reason it is rarely used, but we visited some exhibitions there and really liked it, so we asked the organisation team if we could use it for the Notte Bianca. Luckily they agreed.

If you are in Como on June 16th stop by, have a look at the photos and maybe chat a little bit. We'll be there from 18:00 on Saturday until 03:00 or 04:00 on Sunday. The official schedule is 06:00 on Sunday morning.

We’ve written a little introductory text in italian. I’ll post it here for everybody who’s interested (and can read italian).

Ricordi Fugaci

Fragilità e incertezza caratterizzano l’atmosfera nelle immagini della mostra “ricordi fugaci”. Le fotografie di paesaggi in grande formato parlano della fugacità e della bellezza fragile della natura.

Dalla nebbia che vela le immagini nasce speranza, ma anche incertezza. Il concetto della mostra si basa su questo contrasto. Nei paesaggi superficialmente intatti si inseriscono discretamente edifici, boschi artificialmente impiantati o altri interventi dell’ uomo. Queste modifiche appaiono solo guardando con attenzione. La civiltà sta lasciando delle tracce ovunque.

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Camera Tossing Exhibition during the "Festa del Paese" in Lentate

During the “Festa del Paese” in Lentate sul Seveso on Octobre 15th we will exhibit our “Camera Tossing” photos again, this time in the Trattoria “al Murun”. There will be also a “tribut to Vasco Rossi”-concert by the band “sensazioni forti” in the same place. It will be a lot of fun again this year. So see you there. Lentate sul Seveso is between Milan and Como.

If you want more information on the exhibition see this page: Exhibitions on biconcav )(.

If you need more information on Lentate go here: Lentate sul Seveso.

Photography Project

I made a micro website for my photography project “Camera Tossing – L’Arte Casuale”. You can see some of the pictures from our exhibition a month ago there. Here is the link: Camera Tossing.