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Tumblr-like design for ImmaterialFacts

And again I decided to re-align my blog. I didn’t really use it the last year or so, so I wanted to re-align and change the format. I never wrote long posts even though I thought I would. So, the new format is inspired by Tumblr, a very cool, almost micro-blogging, blog system. It’s hosted which I don’t like that much and my webhosting service doesn’t allow DNS record manipulation, which would have been a good way to integrate Tumblr into my own website. Then there are some other problems:

  • no import for my old posts
  • Search
  • not fully customizable
  • control over content

So, here is my take on a Tumblr-like webpage powered by WordPress. I hope I’ll really use my weblog from now on. I intend to do so especially for notes to myself and to collect finds from the web. There might be the occational longer post. We’ll see.