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Bassjump – Bassjump – Twelve South

Twelve South BassJump in front of MacBook Pro 3.jpg

“MacBook never sounded better.
BassJump makes those great sounding, built-in MacBook speakers sound even better by adding mid- and low-frequencies through one well-designed, travel-sized subwoofer. It’s a smart, simple way to dramatically improve the sound of your MacBook without cluttering up your workspace with a clunky set of replacement speakers and cables. Once the BassJump software is installed, simply connect one single USB cable, launch iTunes and enjoy the new and improved sound of your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.”

(From Bassjump – Bassjump – Twelve South.)

New MacBooks

Apple announced newly designed MacBooks today. I think, they look great. I really like the one-piece-look. And as always Apple has a stylish video on their website giving a little insight into the design process: Watch the video.