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Tumblr-like design for ImmaterialFacts

And again I decided to re-align my blog. I didn’t really use it the last year or so, so I wanted to re-align and change the format. I never wrote long posts even though I thought I would. So, the new format is inspired by Tumblr, a very cool, almost micro-blogging, blog system. It’s hosted which I don’t like that much and my webhosting service doesn’t allow DNS record manipulation, which would have been a good way to integrate Tumblr into my own website. Then there are some other problems:

  • no import for my old posts
  • Search
  • not fully customizable
  • control over content

So, here is my take on a Tumblr-like webpage powered by WordPress. I hope I’ll really use my weblog from now on. I intend to do so especially for notes to myself and to collect finds from the web. There might be the occational longer post. We’ll see.

Version .9 of ImmaterialFacts

Today I uploaded Version .9 of ImmaterialFacts. It is my first dark design and I’m not yet sure if I really like dark designs in gerneral. It is a test and this beeing my personal playground website is the best place to try out things like this. I wanted to make this Version 1.0, but it is not perfect so it doesn’t deserve a 1.0 version number. I’m going to start working on a real re-align as soon as I really have time. I hopefully will have time to focus on content as well. But for now this is just a temporary design as a motivation to work on this site again.

Good start

That is a good start: 3 weeks without a post. I just did some tweaks over the last weeks. But I hope I will get this thing started in a couple of days. I need to finish another project first. So more will follow definitely.


I decided to create a new weblog. The biconcav weblog will stay online and I’ll post there, too, less often though. ImmaterialFacts will become my personal weblog, biconcav weblog on the other hand will be more business oriented. We will see how this works.

The reason why I do this is because I want to be free to post everything I want and maybe stay more personal here. I will still post tech stuff because this is not just business, it’s also what I like personally. What I post on biconcav weblog will be crossposted here. I think, I will close comments on biconcav weblog. Comments will be open here.