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Myths & Misconceptions About Grid Systems • AisleOne

“Grids have been in use long before graphic design became a discipline. During the 13th– and 14th-centuries, scribes used the Villard Diagram to organize their handwritten manuscripts. In the 15th-century, Gutenberg and others divided their pages using the Van de Graaf canon.

The use of a grid is not a trend, it’s a fundamental skill that designers should possess. Grids have been around a very long time and are an important part of the design process.”

(From Myths & Misconceptions About Grid Systems  • Blog Archive • AisleOne.)

Gridr Buildrrr

Gridr Buildrrr

“Awful name, great utility”

(From Delicious.com Jon Hicks.)

The Grid System

“The ultimate resource in grid systems.”

(From The Grid System.)