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Dirty Git State in Your Prompt – GitHub

When I go to a project’s directory to work on it after a while I almost always do a git status. This makes it obsolete:

“Henrik has a great article explaining why and how to display Git’s dirty state status (along with the branch, of course) in your bash prompt.”

(From Dirty Git State in Your Prompt – GitHub.)

GitHub Pages — GitHub

Another cool idea from Github:

“GitHub Pages allow you to publish web content to a github.com subdomain named after your username. With Pages, publishing web content becomes as easy as pushing to your GitHub repository.”

(From GitHub Pages — GitHub.)

Version Control for Designers

Version control for Designers (based on Git workflow):

“Version control, also known as source control or revision control is an integral part of any development workflow. Why? It is essentially a communication tool, just like email or IM, but it works with code rather than human conversation.”

(From Version Control for Designers.)

Use GitHub as your Blog! — GitHub

This is a fun idea: bloggit, versioncontrol for my mind

“David Baldwin has said goodbye to WordPress and started using GitHub as his blog.”

(From Use GitHub as your Blog! — GitHub.)

Opentape at Github

Opentape is now on Github.

opentape_s Profile — GitHub.png