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“A record of applied simplicity. By Alex Payne. Accounts * * My stream * My friends ”

(From Minima.)

Sis, Deli and Cafe | design work life


“Sis Cafe and Deli”

(From Sis, Deli and Cafe | design work life.)

Prettify* – sammelt Icons und Wallpapers

Garrett Murray sammelt auf Prettify* schöne und ausgesuchte Wallpaper & Icons. Alles sehr übersichtlich mit Vorschau auf einem tumblr-Blog’zusammengestellt.

(From Prettify* – sammelt Icons und Wallpapers.)

Custom Buttons 3.0 (demo)

“This doc attempts to show how custom buttoms with a 1px radius could be created without corner images.”

(From Custom Buttons 3.0 (demo).)

Gridr Buildrrr

Gridr Buildrrr

“Awful name, great utility”

(From Delicious.com Jon Hicks.)

The Grid System

“The ultimate resource in grid systems.”

(From The Grid System.)

Version Control for Designers

Version control for Designers (based on Git workflow):

“Version control, also known as source control or revision control is an integral part of any development workflow. Why? It is essentially a communication tool, just like email or IM, but it works with code rather than human conversation.”

(From Version Control for Designers.)

The DO Lectures | 4th – 8th September 2008

Inspirational videos:

“The Do lectures are all about getting a handful of speakers together in one place, in the hope that they may inspire you to go Do something. To give you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about.”

(From The DO Lectures | 4th – 8th September 2008.)

New MacBooks

Apple announced newly designed MacBooks today. I think, they look great. I really like the one-piece-look. And as always Apple has a stylish video on their website giving a little insight into the design process: Watch the video.

cabel.name: On Wedding Design

Cabel Sasser on wedding design:

“So, exactly four months ago, I totally got married. This has been a completely great thing, and I highly recommend it. You know, when you’re ready.”

(From cabel.name: On Wedding Design.)