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dConstruct 2007

This year I attended dConstruct again. As last year it was great. I met many people. Some of them I knew from last years event. And it was good to be back in Brighton. I like the city and I like it even more every time I come back there.

The speakers were great. I’ve learned a lot. Here are some posts from other websites which have good summaries of the event: Garrett Coakley, four starters pt. 01, four starters pt. 02.

Back from Brighton

I’m back from d.construct in Brighton, the grassroots conference organised by ClearLeft.
They put together a nice set of presentations, almost all of them very interesting for me. I enjoyed Jeremy Keith’s unofficial presentation about Microformats most, even though it was not on the normal schedule.
I will not go into details of the presentations, because there are better writers who have done a good job on summarising the event. Or check the backnetwork, developed by madgex, one of the sponsors of d.construct06.
All in all the conference was worth going there. I liked Brighton very much and, especially living in Italy where there are none of them, i liked the free Wifis, even the beach is covered.
Another cool thing in Brighton are the so called tuc-tucs. These are motorised rickshaws imported from India and modified so they run on compressed natural gas, making them a zero emission way of transport.
If I can arrange it I will attend next years d.construct conference and if you ask me, it will be totally worth it next time, too. I am sure.