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Ricordi Fugaci

It's the time of the year again when Como is getting ready for the Notte Bianca. It’s the third time we (my wife and I) participate in this event. I have prepared a little microsite for this year's photographic exhibition called “Ricordi Fugaci”.

The Notte Bianca 2007 in Como will take place on the June 16th. This time we got a very nice venue, the “Chiostrino di Santa Eufemia” in Piazzolo Giuseppe Terragni, 4. For some reason it is rarely used, but we visited some exhibitions there and really liked it, so we asked the organisation team if we could use it for the Notte Bianca. Luckily they agreed.

If you are in Como on June 16th stop by, have a look at the photos and maybe chat a little bit. We'll be there from 18:00 on Saturday until 03:00 or 04:00 on Sunday. The official schedule is 06:00 on Sunday morning.

We’ve written a little introductory text in italian. I’ll post it here for everybody who’s interested (and can read italian).

Ricordi Fugaci

Fragilità e incertezza caratterizzano l’atmosfera nelle immagini della mostra “ricordi fugaci”. Le fotografie di paesaggi in grande formato parlano della fugacità e della bellezza fragile della natura.

Dalla nebbia che vela le immagini nasce speranza, ma anche incertezza. Il concetto della mostra si basa su questo contrasto. Nei paesaggi superficialmente intatti si inseriscono discretamente edifici, boschi artificialmente impiantati o altri interventi dell’ uomo. Queste modifiche appaiono solo guardando con attenzione. La civiltà sta lasciando delle tracce ovunque.

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TicketOne — and don’t forget the www.

I don’t usually use my blog for rants, but this time it is inevitable. The reason is a website that is widely used in Italy: (don’t forget the”www.”, it doesn’t work without.). I tried to buy tickets for an event called “Chiasso danza” in Chiasso, Switzerland using my browser of choice Firefox, Safari, Opera, I even tried Sunrise and others.

I always got the same error: “Error during seat assignment. Please try later”. So I tried again later. For four days always the same. So I looked for the customer service and found an email address. I described friendly and in the best italian I could what happened, the system and browser I used, and so on, and got an answer on the next day, which read something like this: “If you don’t use Internet Explorer we can’t help you.”. What? This is 2007. This is not even funny.

Ok, I turned on my rarely used Windows PC and fired up Internet Explorer, version 7 and tried 6, too. But also here, no luck for me. I wrote back to the customer service in a less friendly, but still objective, way that I had no luck even with Internet Explorer. Of course, no response. How can TicketOne just ignore the users of their websites? Small theaters like the “Cinema Teatro Chiasso” have to use their services, because they can’t afford their own online ticket system and I suppose they pay a lot of money to TicketOne, for a service that doesn’t work and doesn’t even care about their customers.

Beppe Grillo a well known blogger and entertainer in Italy stopped selling tickets for his shows on TicketOne. He wrote a post on his blog about it. According to this post TicketOne has a substantial monopoly in Italy.

We will see what happens. I really hope that more event organisers and artists see the problem with TicketOne and use other services.