BarCamp Nürnberg

Finally I found the time to write at least a few lines about BarCamp Nürnberg. I had a great time there even though I missed the first day. I got ill on Friday so I wasn't able to drive the 650 kilometers from Como to Nürnberg; I had to travel on Saturday.

When I first went into the venue I was a little confused. The board with all the sessions was there, but the post-its were almost unreadable. The subjects were modified during the initial organisation discussion. This is a good thing because the speakers were able to meet the interests of the attendees, but for someone who came along later it wasn’t easy to understand. I would suggest to use the wiki more for these purposes. So in the end I asked some of the guys standing around, but nobody really knew what the different sessions were about.

I attended three sessions more or less by chance which were really great. Great presentations and knowledge of the subject. The sessions were:

Thank you very much, Jörg Battermann, for organizing this great event.