Notte Bianca aftermath

The Notte Bianca in Como didn’t go well for us. Our exhibition was in the foyer of the Cineplex Astoria. There were two DJs playing just annoying music, one louder than the other. I don’t know why there were two DJs playing against each other. Nobody really came inside to see our pictures. It was the wrong location for an exhibition. the street outside was quite busy but the DJs were placed right in front of the entrance, so nobody went inside.

But then again we were lucky, because on the second floor there were the guys from Go Wine, an association to promote unknown wines and the consciousness of which wine you drink and its background. I tasted a lot of interesting wines that I never heard of and I got a lot of useful information on each wine. And we met a lot of interesting people there, too. So, thanks to go wine we had a great evening and a lot of fun.