Monthly Archives: April 2006

Italia could have done better

The Italian elections are over but they still leave a bad taste in my mouth. How can so many people vote for Berlusconi? There is a nice article in Beppe Grillo’s Blog. He has a link to a good article in The Economist: Basta! Time for Italy to sack Berlusconi.

My (italian) friends are all (as far as I know) left. They would never vote for Berlusconi. I thought, the majority rumbled Berlusconi, his media manipulation, his changing the law to the benefit of himself and his friends. But there are still about 50% who do not understand. Okay, at least he didn’t win this time.

Italia could have done better, I know that!

CSS naked day

Dustin Diaz announced the first annual CSS naked day. All participating websites will appear “naked”, that is without style sheet, on April 05. There is a list of all participants.